Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Hunt

Recent articles about "Back to the Future" assessing how much of its predictions came true got me thinking about The Next Hundred years: The Unfinished Business of Sciencby C. C. Furnas. My Dad had this book but somehow it got lost. The San Jose Public Library has a copy, but I wanted my own. This was as much about happy memories of my Dad as curiosity about how much has changed since it was written.   I stopped by +Bell's Books in Palo Alto today on an impulse to inquire if they had it. I had a wonderful conversation about books with Faith Bell. She didn't have the book, but gave suggestions where to look. On impulse again, I checked Amazon and surprisingly (I had checked before and didn't find it) they had it!  So of course I ordered it, and after I've reread it, I will write about it.