Friday, December 9, 2011


"Poison" by Sara Poole tells the story of Francesca Giordano, daughter of the late poisoner of Cardinal Borgia. Convinced that her father was murdered, she maneuvers to take over her father's job to figure out who was responsible and to take revenge. Her quest leads her deep into the dangerous political intrigues of the papacy.

I wrote this brief description in my iPad Notes last May 23rd, intending to expand on it. Obviously I got busy with other things and never did. Meantime, I think I've donated the book to the Palo Alto library, so I'll have to borrow it to say more on this book. But I think what I've said so far is reason enough to find a copy of this book and read it. It is very well-written and is one of those books you have to finish once you start.

I guess getting sick (I've had a cough/cold for a week) has its bright side - I lost a few pounds and I found time to get back to my blog. I never stopped reading, but I haven't been writing. I hope this signals the start of my second wind.